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Chancel Stage



Boot-Stompin', Gritty and Bourbon Flavored - reprises ranging from Iron Maiden to Bill Monroe



Bluegrass Cats that Shred - original songs, topical in substance yet traditional in style "the next generation of the many shades of grass"



Bluegrass Marauders pickin’ and singin’ hard driving traditional prowess with bold improvisational exploration



Portland's own Iconic Bluegrass Band - out of their comfort zone of their 20+ year residency at the Laruelthirst Public House



Feel-Good Jamgrass with intimate ornamentaion, dual vocal parts and intense improvisational jams



A leading Progressive/Jamgrass band featuring original songs, virtuosic improvisation, tight vocal harmonies, and a high-octane groove



Straight-Ahead Bluegrass - traditional five-piece band inspired by the masters



Original, Traditional, Modern - the best of bluegrass old and new with driving fiddle tunes and layered harmonies



Emulating string Bands of the 1920s and ‘30s - blending Ragtime, Viper Jazz, Country Blues, Old-Time, Jug Band and Bluegrass

Amanda Richards & The GOOD LONG WHILES


Three part harmony Gothic-Americana on rhythm guitar, bass, lap steel electric banjo

Chapel Stage


band photo of ALDER STREET

Ian Royer- Guitar Chris Kelley- Banjo Aaron Nelson- Bass Jake Beckwith- Fiddle Jesse Lawton- Mandolin Emily West- Drums

         Alder Street is boot-stompin', gritty, and bourbon flavored. The band draws its inspiration from a variety of sources, evinced by original tunes that break the mold of traditional bluegrass, and reprises ranging from Iron Maiden to Bill Monroe. The band first formed for a benefit show from a hodgepodge of musicians living in Eugene's infamous Campbell Club Cooperative on Alder Street.Over the years Alder Street blossomed in Eugene's infamous local music scene.


band photo of FOG HOLLER

Casey James Holmberg: Banjo Lillian Sawyer: Fiddle Tommy Schulz: Guitar Noa: Bass Fiddle

         Fog Holler is a bluegrass band with an edge. What gives them that edge is a topic of hot debate. For some, it's musicianship - these bluegrass cats shred. For others, it's the songwriting, traditional in style but topical in substance. Sometimes, they undeniably snare people with the squad factor - folks see 4 grown adults in matching monochrome, and they get curious. The secret, according to Fog Holler, is simply that they write and play bluegrass in 2024, with similar intention but very different context from the genre's originators. Inspired by a range of influences from The Stanley Brothers to Buck Owens to Meshuggah, Fog Holler breathes fresh life into well worn forms like the murder ballad and the power waltz. Described by two-time Grammy Award Winner Cathy Fink as “The next generation of the many shades of grass”, Fog Holler's captivating tunes and coordinated outfits are quickly enthralling longtime bluegrass fans and newcomers alike.


band photo of The HIGH SEAGRASS

Mandolin Banjo Guitar Bass Squareneck Dobro

         The High Seagrass are a swashbuckling band of bluegrass marauders pickin' and singin' at sea level. The 5-piece Pacific Northwest jamgrass band from Seattle, Washington is an organic offshoot of Ballard's long-running Conor Byrne Pub bluegrass jam formed by members inspired by both bluegrass and jamband music and culture. Their unique brand fuses hard driving traditional prowess with bold improvisational exploration. This group of accomplished musicians channels the Emerald City's musical roots with a well curated selection of bluegrass traditionals, rollicking originals, and re-imagined covers.


band photo of JACKSTRAW

Jon Neufeld - Guitar David Pugh - Mandolin Jesse Withers - Upright Bass Darrin Craig - Guitar

         Jackstraw formed in 1997 when rhythm guitarist Darrin Craig and lead player Jon Neufeld met mandolin picker David Pugh and bassist Jesse Withers at Artichoke Music, a Portland instrument store. Six records and 27 years later, the band has toured throughout the United States, playing roadhouses, clubs, listening rooms and festivals. Along the way, they've shared bills with bluegrass greats such as Del McCoury and Tim O'Brien and welcomed legends like Danny Barnes and Tony Furtado as temporary band mates. The band's devoted following includes bluegrass purists, alt-country fans, kids looking to dance, and people who know a good tune when they hear one. Jackstraw has developed a reputation over the years for their impeccable musicianship and hard-driving original songs.


band photo of The MUDDY SOULS

Peter Romanelli - guitar/vocals Austen Slone - mandolin/vocals Jacob Camara - banjo/vocals Zachary Wallmark - bass

         The Muddy Souls are a leading progressive/jamgrass band based in Eugene, OR featuring original songs, virtuosic improvisation, tight vocal harmonies, and a high-octane groove that always has the dance floor bouncing. Formed in 2018, the band has four albums of completely original music, and has played nearly 300 concerts across the Pacific Northwest, Canada and the Northeast including festival sets at Freshgrass, Bridge City Bluegrass, Oregon Country Fair, and Wintergrass. They are currently planning their first European Tour for 2025. A gem of the Northwest music scene the Muddy Souls are sure to get your feet dancing and your face grinning.


band photo of BAND of

Ryan McMahon - Mandolin, Vocals Devon James - Guitar, Vocals Kyle Donaldson - Guitar, Vocals Jeffrey Leppert - Upright Bass

         Since 2015 and extending far into the future, Band of Comerados plays music that makes you feel good. Call it bluegrass, jamgrass, folk, or indie, what sets the band apart is their intricate instrumentation, dual vocal parts, intense improvisational jams, and the fact that these guys have so much damn fun when they're playing live music!


band photo of SKILLETHEAD

Benji Nagel - Dobro, Guitar, Vocals Joe Schulte - Mandolin, Guitar, Vocals Aaron Moore - Bass, Vocals Garrett Miller - Banjo, Guitar, Vocals Casey Willis - Fiddle, Mandolinnic Guitar, Harps

         Setting roots in the high and dry Central Oregon desert, Skillethead calls forth the best of bluegrass old and new. They ground themselves firmly in the bluegrass traditions of driving fiddle tunes, layered harmonies, and single mics, all the while weaving in inspiration and originality gleaned from genres far and wide. You can expect to hear a Stanley Brothers number right alongside a stirring original or a rollicking rock cover done in Skillethead's own unique fashion. The spectrum reaches far and wide, the bluegrass universe is expanding, and Skillethead is on that ride!


band photo of The GOOD LONG WHILES

Amanda Richards - Vocals/Guitar Steve Moore - banjo/lap steel/vocals Christine McAllister - Bass

         Amanda Richards & The Good Long Whiles are a three part harmony gothic-americana band based out of Portland, Oregon featuring Amanda Richards on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Stephen Freeman Moore on lap steel and electric banjo, Christine McAllister on the bass and Don Lawry on drums. The group performs original music along with traditional folk and bluegrass in a throwback western style reinvisioned through the lens of somber indie rock with syrupy reverb and delay. Amanda is an award-winning songwriter, producer, director, playwright, actor and musician with a naturally large set of eyelashes. She has worked in the music industry for 20 years as an independent artist with 8 full length, self-released albums under her belt and a feature length film poised to release this year. Stephen Freeman Moore is a musician (banjo, guitar, lap steel guitar and vocals), producer, composer, actor, music director and music instructor from San Diego, CA and we suspect he is secretly running a shelter for wayward banjos.


band photo of THUNDER RIDGE

Drew Tucker - Mandolin/Vocals Chuck Holloway- Banjo Aaron Redner - Fiddle Casey Davidson - Bass Patrick Connell - Guitar

         Thunder Ridge is a straight-ahead bluegrass band from Portland, OR. The traditional five-piece band is made up of banjo, guitar, mandolin, bass and fiddle. They will steal your heart with hard driving vocal harmonies and instrumentals. Allow them to take you down a path of yesteryear with a good old fashioned sound inspired by the masters of bluegrass, and sprinkled with a few originals!


band photo of BLUE FLAGS & BLACK GRASS

Flip McGuire - Banjo, Res-o-phonic Guitar, Kazoo Dumpster Joe - Res-o-phonic Guitar, Harps Elwood Johncox - Upright Bass Aaron Koch - Washboard Jeffrey Reynolds - Fiddle Andrew Alikhanov - Clarinet

         Blue Flags & Black Grass is a combination of many flavors of acoustic American Roots Music. With the instrumentation of Banjo, Res-o-phonic Guitar, Fiddle, Washboard, Kazoo and Upright Bass, Blue Flags emulates the String Bands of the 1920s and '30s. Their typical gig will blend Ragtime, Viper Jazz, Country Blues, Old-Time, Jug Band and Bluegrass. As well as performing classic standards and dusting off hidden gems, Blue Flags also features original songs by Flip 'Fats' McGuire.


band photo of DADWEED

2 Guitars and a Bass often swapped out for a dobro, pedal steel, mandolin, or banjo

         From the jump, Dadweed have been eager to start something new within the Bluegrass genre, taking a non-traditional approach, but always finding ways to pay homage to the roots of the genre. Making their live performances fun and engaging for both lovers of Bluegrass, and for those not so interested or familiar with the genre Influenced by different generations of bluegrass, from Tony Rice to Billy Strings, all 3 members are songwriters and have a great ear for serving songs, while also leaning into experimentation and the freewheeling exploration of finding new moments not only in their original music, but also for their arrangements of covers as well. Dadweed showcases two guitars and bass, which allows a lot of room for interplay and improvisation. Having less moving parts at any given moment than other Bluegrass lineups. All of the members being multi-instrumentalists also allows them to swap out a guitar for a dobro, pedal steel, mandolin, or banjo from time to time.


band photo of The LOIS & CLARK EXPEDITION

Linda Leavitt - Guitar / Vocals Tom Nechville - Banjo / Vocals

         Back in 2018, banjo music innovator Tom Nechville joined forces with his musical soulmate, Linda Leavitt and their mutual musical journey began. Linda's experience as a lead singer in several Portland-area bluegrass bands, including Mountain Honey, and her southern gospel bluegrass roots and soulful voice meet Tom's heartfelt baritone and his inventive multi-genre Scruggs/Melodic style banjo playing. Their mix draws from Bluegrass, Classic Country, originals and 70's one hit wonders. Join The Lois & Clark Expedition on their road of discovery.


band photo of SUNNY SOUTH

Dave Elliott - Mandolin/Vocals Mike Stahlman - Banjo/Vocals Steve Reischman - Rhythm Guitar/Vocals Aaron Stocek - Lead Guitar Dee Johnson - Bass

         Sunny South is a bluegrass band playing in the Portland, Oregon region. Sunny South plays bluegrass with an emphasis on traditional style like Flatt and Scruggs, Doc Watson and Bill Monroe. Sunny South started playing in the 80's with Sonny Hammond as lead singer and band leader. They played all over the pacific northwest and produced two albums. After Sonny passed on, the band has continued playing bluegrass and honoring Sonny. Mike and Dave are founding members of Sunny South and have added Steve Reischman, Dee Johnson and Aaron Stocek to fill out the band. Sunny South is an experienced band, both professional and comfortable on the stage. They put on a great show that audiences enjoy.


band photo of PARTY McFLY

Patrick Connell - Guitar Josiah Payne - Mandolin

         Bluegrass Mando/Guitar Duo.


band photo of FIDDLOCITY

everyone - fiddle

         Fiddlocity is a high energy fiddle performance group. It's member's are 18 years and younger. If you would like more info or would like to audition please click this link to sign up. Anyone is welcome to audition. Membership fee for non-CSVF student's is minimal. Students of Denice Carter are offered this oppurtunity free of charge. Please click anywhere here to be redirected to more information.

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Bridgetown Bluegrass is a not-for-profit music festival.

Only the musicians and technicians get paid.

All additional revenue is donated to charity.